About this project:

Cronos is a reflection on the creation of the universe. The film, set in a graphical environment, aims at a representation of the early stages of the universe up to the appearance of mankind leading to the development on manmade structures and finally to space exploration. But the question remains: What will we find out there ?

CRONOS was shown at the Luxembourg City Light Nights on the 8/9/10 December 2016. it is an big scale immersive video projection with 5.1 surround sound.


Concept / Direction / Animation: Steve Gerges
Music: Max Roger
Sound Design and Mix: Ben Barnich (bamhaus.lu)
Camera: Raoul Schmitz (welcometoskin.com)

Link to the final (flat) render: vimeo.com/196063923

Technical Notes: The original movie was a 9400*1280 render which was split in 9 screens and used 15 beamers for the video projection.