About this project:

Following up on the success of LAN 1.0 the Rotondes requested a permanent installation, resulting in LAN 2.0.

This installation still uses the same 3D / Depth sensors used in version 1.0 but the software was completely rewritten, adding a functional UI with multiple parameters. Doing this enabled us to open up the graphical possibilities achieved on the screen (change color palettes, shapes, size, speed etc….) resulting in a bigger variety of graphical representation.

As of v1.0 representing social connections in a closed environment, one additional element has been added: The social tissue (represented by polygons filled with gradients between the lines) moving along with the people and breaking from time to time (as it would in real life).

For more informations on LAN 1.0 please see here.


Concept / Direction: Steve Gerges
Software development: Xavier Scolard & Gilles Kom (iee.lu)
Hardware kindly provided by: Roland Peters (iee.lu)

Client / Agency:

Production: rotondes.lu 2015